Balkan Criminology


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Assist.Prof.Dr. Lucija Sokanović

Research Interests

Criminal law, European criminal law (Subsidy Fraud), European economic criminal law, Criminology (Illegal games of chance, Chain games), International Criminal Law (Witness protection and the right to asylum in the jurisprudence of the ICC)


  • Tempus project JEP-41011-2006 in 2011 (Free University , Berlin, Germany)
  • Max Planck Society Scholarships in 2012 and 2015 (Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg i. Br., Germany)

Professional Membership

  • Croatian Association of Criminal Sciences and Practice
  • Croatian Association for European Criminal Law

Publications (selection)

Musić, L., Placement of children with Foster Families in Some Decisions Passed by the European Court for Human Rights, Dijete i društvo, 7., n. 2., Zagreb, 2005., 369.-381. (preliminary note)

Pajčić, M., Sokanović, L., Anabolic steroids as a subject of Criminal Law Regulation, Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta u Splitu, 47., 2/96, 2010., 387.-409. (journal article)

Pajčić, M., Sokanović, L., Manipulation of the results of the sporting events – Criminal responsibility for crimes of Fraud, Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta u Splitu, 48., 4., 2011., 857.-873. (journal article)

Sokanović, L., Šinković, Z.,Pajčić, M., Evasion of Taxes and other Levies in Sport, Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta u Splitu, 49., 4. (106), 2012., 803.-830. (journal article)

Sokanović, L., Die strafrechtliche Verantwortlichkeit der juristischen Personen im Lichte des neuen kroatischen Umweltstrafrecht, Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta u Splitu, 50, 4/2013., 977.-990. (journal article )

Sokanović, L., Criminal offence of illegal games in Croatia: Chain games – games without borders, Godišnjak Akademije Pravnih znanosti Hrvatske, vol. VI, broj 1/2015, 171.-201. (journal article)

Sokanović, L., Security measure of the prohibition of certain duties or activities between discrimination of the convicted person and special prevention, Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta u Kosovskoj Mitrovici sa znanstveno-stručnog skupa „Pravni sistem i zaštita od diskriminacije“, vol. 2., 2015., 167.-187. (journal article)

Sokanović, L., Protection of the Data Confidentiality in the context of Criminal Protection of the Financial interests of the European Union, Zbornik radova Pravnog fakulteta Sveučilišta u Splitu; accepted for publication

Sokanović, L., MAPPING THE CRIMINOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE OF THE BALKANS, A Survey on Criminology and Crime with an Expedition into the Criminal Landscape of the Balkans, Volume BC 1, Duncker & Humblot, Berlin, 2014., Getoš Kalac, Anna-Maria; Albrecht, Hans-Jörg; Kilchling, Michael (ed.), Zbornik Pravnog fakulteta u Zagrebu, (review); accepted for publication

Becker, S., Sokanović, L., Comentary on witness proofing and appropriate protective measures to institute with regard to detained witnesses, Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals, Volume , proceedings

Curriculum Vitae

2015 Member of Editorial board of the Collected papers of the Law Faculty - University of Split, Head of Institute for Criminal and Criminological Research “Ivan Vučetić”, Split
09/2014 Senior Assistant at the Chair for Criminal Law, University of Split – Faculty of Law
07/2014 PhD defense at the University of Zagreb – Faculty of Law (Frauds in Criminal Law)
11/2007 – 9/2014 Assistant at the Chair for Criminal Law, University of Split – Faculty of Law
6/2004 – 11/2007 Research Assistant at the Chair for Family Law, University of Split – Faculty of Law, Croatia
5/2003 – 6/2004 Judicial Advisor at the Commercial Court in Split
2002 Passed Bar exam
7/2001 – 5/2003 Judicial Trainee of the Commercial Court in Split, Croatia
5/2000 – 7/2001 Judicial Trainee of the Municipal Court in Kaštel Lukšić, Croatia
2000 Graduated at Faculty of Law, University of Split